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Montreal, Quebec
H2S 1R2


Rotel RX-503
Rotel RX-603
Rotel RX-803
Rotel RX-1603
Rotel RX-1203
Rotel RX-001
Rotel RZ-8
Rotel RC-2000
Rotel RC-5000
Rotel RA-1312
Rotel RA-1412
Rotel RA-2040
Rotel RB-2000
Rotel RB-5000
Rotel RT-925
Rotel RT-1025
Rotel RT-2000
Rotel RT-2100
Rotel RE-2000

Technics SH-9010 EQ
Technics SH-9020 PWR-METER
Technics ST-9030 TUNER
Technics SE-9060 PWR AMP
Technics SU-9070 PREAMP
Technics RS-M65
Technics RS-M85
Technics RS-9900US Cassette

CD Marantz CC-65SE
Denon DCM-270
Tuner Pioneer TX6500
Onkyo Receiver TX80
Sony STR-Av550
Sony STR AX410
Sony STR-AV470
Sony STR-AV 370
ICC integre IC-600A
ICC tuner IC-600T
Sony STR – 7045
Pioneer SX-828
Pioneer SX-737
Pioneer SX-626
Pioneer VSX -5000
Sony TA-AX285
Kencraft power amp GM 820X
Aurex -power amp
Aurex preamp
Aurex tuner
Toshiba power amp
Toshiba Preamp
Toshiba tuner
Kenwood KA5700 integre
Kenwood KT5500 tuner
Pioneer SA6500
Pioneer SA222
TT Technics SL-B2
TT Sony
Technics SL23
Denon cassette DRM700
Pioneer SX240
Pioneer SX2900
Sony STR- AV310
Technics CD player
Pioneer SA500A
NAD 7020
Sansui T700
Kenwood KA-501
Kenwood tuner KT-615
Kenwood cassette KX-620
Kenwood 3500
Dual TT 1010
Harman Kardon 430
Yamaha receiver R-3
Akai tuner AT-k02

JVC A-K300 integre
Yamaha tuner T420
Dual TT-515
Technics Sl-D2 TT 2038
Pioneer TX-101Z tuner
JVC cassette KD-S201
JVC receiver JR-S201
JVC tuner T10X
Harman Kardon 503
Harman Kardon 670
Harman Kardon PM640
Sansui A900P
Sansui AU 9500
Sansui AU 9900
Sansui AU 6900
Sansui AU 4900
Sansui AU 3900
Sansui AU 6500
Sansui AU 117
Sansui AU 317
JVC RX 5022V cinema
Technics SA 450 integrated
Sony STR-DE585
Sony STR-DE575
Sony TA- AX285
Technics dual cassette
Sony dual cassette
EQ Audio Reflex
Kenwood receiver KR 7050
Pioneer SX727
Pioneer SX737
Holiday 7100 integre
Toshiba integre SBM56
Clarion integre
Hitachi SR503
Technics SA-677
Technics SU-G96
Technics SA–GX 100
Cinema surround processor SES 430
Sony cinema STR -DE197
Realistic mixer SSM 2200
Radio Shack mixer PSM 8080
Mackie mixer 1202 -VLZ
Fanon Pro Power 65 mono
Bogen 150 mono
Altec Lansing 1593B mono
Nikko NA 100 integre
JVC receiver STA 5050

Phonic EQ PEQ3600
SpacetechK18 MIX Amp
HF 8000 Wattson OEM Receiver
Akai Power PAW04
Audio Reflex receiver AR164
Kenwood KR-2300
Technics SU-v4K
Technics EQ SH-8010
Kenwood receiver KR5150
Pioneer SX 626
Sony receiver STR-V55
Sony integre TA 1150
Sanyo tuner T55
Sub Theatre research
Sub Pioneer
Sub Energy
Sub Bose
Superscope R1240
Superscope A260
Marantz SR 560
Realistic system eleven
Yamaha R900 receiver
Sony STR -DE 575
NAD cassette 6220
NAD CD player
Toshiba SA-620
Realistic STA 2200
Sony tape TC 206SD
Pioneer tape CT-F700
Technics Su -V660
Tuner AJ-43D
Sony ST-70
Sony TA-70
Kenwood 4004
Sansui 5050
Sansui 7070
Sansui model 2000
Sansui 350
Sansui 881
Sansui 771
Sansui R301
NAD integre Mod 60
Nikko NA 2000 integre
Nikko tuner NT 500
Sony N220 power
Realistic STA 2000D
Pyramid power PA310
Nikko Power Alpha 220
TT Garrard
TT Oracle Delphi
CD Harman Kardon
TT Sony
Sansui AU 5500
NAD power 2100
Yamaha RX 750
Onkyo TX 8211
Fender Guitar head Power Chorus
Reel-to-reel Pioneer RT 1011L
Fax Intellifax 635
Fax Brother 575
Fax Panasonic KX-FHD 332
Kenwood VR 3080 cinema
Nikko R550
Telefunken STM1 power
Telefunken STP1 preamp
BG systems power
Reference 650 fet by quadraflex
Kenwood THX power 6 inputs
Pioneer EQ
Sears prof tuner
Hafler SE 120
Dynaco 150 power
Dynaco amp integre
Kenwood pre Basic C1
Nikko pre BetaII
Nikko Pre Beta 30
HK 440 Vxi
Pioneer SX D7000
Kenwood KA 2002A
Kenwood KA 3500
Tuner Kenwood KT 5300
Insignia CD MP3
Toshiba dvd recorder
Toshiba HDD+ DVD recorder
Philips HDD recorder
Marantz 2215
Marantz 2216
Marantz 2220
Marantz 1130
Marantz 2235
Marantz 1530
Marantz 2250
Marantz 1040
Marantz 3100
Marantz SR 560
Marantz 4000
Marantz SR 620
Marantz 109
Marantz 400 tuner
Marantz cassette 5010
Marantz cassette double SD 725
Sanyo receiver 2050
Mitsubishi DA-R25
Sansui R-505
Sansui S-X1100
Onkyo Integra A8057
Pioneer Amp integre SA 606
Optonica SM-1515
EQ Teleq EQ-9
Realistic system seven
B&O Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 8500
Kef 105.2 Reference speakers
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